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"Becky has a passion for the Gospel and a passion for our LGBTQ youth.  Becky has great insights into how to navigate parenting and loving your LGBTQ child while at the same time being a member of the LDS faith. She can help you navigate through the unknown territory of having an LGBTQ child, how to show your child an increase in unconditional love, and create a better family dynamic. Becky is FABULOUS!!!"

Kim Crump

"When my son first came out in 2007, I searched high and low for support, answers, anything that would help me reconcile my testimony of the church with my son's reality. My cognitive dissonance was intense and painful. My son and my marriage suffered because of this. 


"If someone like Becky, someone who was active in church who also had a gay child, had been around mentoring parents in 2007, my whole family would have navigated the last 14 years a LOT better. I would have paid triple what she's charging. She is far more qualified to coach/mentor LDS parents of LGBTQ kids than the professional therapist I saw for six months (who had zero experience in the LDS-LGBTQ world) and I paid over $2000 for that therapy."

Carol C. 

"I am a Transgender individual who has just recently started learning how to let go of shame, doubt and fear. The LDS-LGBTQ intersection is very complicated and I have struggled for 40+ years to hide my true self because of my inability to see that it is possible for these two essential parts of my identity to co-exist.


I am grateful for Becky, her example, and the tools she has shared with me that have helped me begin healing from my life-long shame and start loving who I am. Becky has proven to be a person who will "walk with you" as you navigate your special journey and she does so with absolute Christlike love and compassion. Becky has helped me in so many ways."

Anonymous Transgender Individual

"There will come a day when you’ll say that having a gay son is one of the best things that’s ever happened to you.” 


What? I was speechless. This bright-eyed, smiling woman just told me something I couldn’t wrap my head around. 


I was a hot mess.


My son had just come out publicly and I was feeling a roller coaster of emotions.


Shame, fear, confusion, unanswered questions, a faith crisis, wondering how my son fit into the plan of salvation. I was grieving the life I had always imagined for him. And grieving the simple faith that used to work so well for me. 


Now, years later, I can honestly say that I do feel that having a gay son is one of the best things that has happened to me. 


How did I get from there to here?


It definitely was not an overnight process. But a journey that’s been well worth it.


With a combination of education, support, mentoring tools, and personal revelation, I’ve found more peace and clarity in this journey than ever before. 


I’m able to understand, empathize, and support my gay son in ways that help him rather than unintentionally hurting him as I had in the past. Our relationship is safer and stronger.


Although not everyone in our family is active in the church as I had hoped, I have a peace that passes all understanding. I have received personal revelation that our Heavenly Parents have a plan for each of our children, that They have our kids, and that I can trust Them. I’m better at honoring agency and personal revelation as a parent than I was before. 

I'm a better parent now. And I like myself better than I did before.


I’m less judgmental. I feel my heart has grown several sizes, I now love bigger and better and I’m better at keeping my baptismal covenants to mourn, bear, and comfort. 


As I’ve transformed how I believe God sees and feels about my gay son and the rest of my children, it has also transformed my relationship with God and with myself and the unconditional love I feel from God and from myself. It’s just one of many gifts that have come from this journey. 


Is my journey over? Definitely not.


And I’ve felt called to support others on a similar journey to find more peace, clarity, support, and personal revelation for their own path. 


No matter how old your LGBTQ child is, if they’re out or still in the closet, or where you are on your faith journey, if your desire is to embrace your child and the gospel of Jesus Christ, this course is for you. 


I invite you to join this course and receive education, support, resources, tools, expansive ways of thinking in paradox, and in being able to embrace both your child and the gospel of Jesus Christ.


This is me and my gay son, Hyrum. If the picture on the left looks familiar, perhaps you've seen the series of Pride posts I created recently.

You can find the post series on Facebook, Instagram or my blog. 

If you're looking for hope, support, and tools as you navigate this journey as an LDS parent of an LGBTQ child, I've created this course with you in mind.


Here are the topics each week: 

  • 1

    You're Not Crazy

    • It is common to experience a roller coaster of emotions, a grieving process, and a faith crisis. You’re not crazy, you’re not broken, you’re not alone, and it does get better.
    • Building your relationship on a strong foundation of unconditional love, no matter where your child's journey leads.
    • Resources for learning. Getting support and giving support.
    • Casting your burden of heavy emotions on the Lord (Psalm 55:22).
    • Building faith that God has a place in God’s plan for your child, that you were trained for this in the pre-earth life, and that God will help you.
    • The course is designed as a place of love, support, and community for your journey. 
  • 2

    Personal Revelation

    • Learning how church teachings have changed over time in an ongoing restoration.
    • The five C’s (Choice, Cause, Cure, Contagion, Church treatment for coming out).
    • The tremendous importance of personal revelation and how it can bring peace, clarity, hope, guidance, and even healing.
    • The course will provide tools and opportunities to seek and receive personal revelation about your child and what God wants your role to be.
  • 3

    Faith Journeys

    • How understanding the stages of faith brings perspective, purpose and peace.
    • Navigating a crisis of faith, a crisis of trust, a crisis of belonging.
    • Nourishing your spirit while managing church-related triggers.
    • How being part of an ongoing restoration can bring hope and peace. The tricycle metaphor.
    • Holding paradox and nuance rather than black-and-white, all-or-nothing thinking. The crash theory.
    • Transforming from a place of fear, judgment, and exclusion to a place of trusting God, grace, agency, and inclusion. 
  • 4

    Helpful and Hurtful Things 

    • Discerning what your job is and is not as a parent. What does honoring agency really look like?

    • The difference between toxic positivity and empathy.
    • Helpful and hurtful things people say. 
    • Is it okay to use your child's preferred names and pronouns? What if they change their mind?
    • Prioritizing mental health and self-care, both your child’s and yours.
    • By their fruits ye shall know them (Matt 7:20).
    • If your child steps away from church, how to still encourage a relationship with God and personal revelation.
    • Ways to be a Good Samaritan and stone catcher for God’s LGBTQ children. 
  • 5

    Repairing and Building Relationships

    • Stages of coming out as LGBTQ.
    • Stages of a parent adjusting to having an LGBTQ child.
    • Mentoring tools to help mend and build relationships.
    • Creating a vision of your LGBTQ child finding happiness and success.
    • Trusting God with your child.
    • Instead of "sad heaven" how to encourage no empty chairs now

Do these topics resonate with you? If yes, I invite you to join us!


Dates: Thursdays, July 15, 22, August 5,12, 19. 

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm MDT

Where: Online (If you miss class, you can watch the replay)

Who is the course for: LDS parents who want to embrace both your LGBTQ kid(s) and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tuition: Regular $197


SALE! Get $50 OFF through July 12.

Spouse attends free. 

There is a two-payment option if needed. 


*Contact becky@purposedrivenmentoring if a scholarship is needed.



Q - I want to attend this class but my child is still in the closet. Will my privacy be guarded? 

A - Yes. I will emphasize on the registration site and during class the vital importance of protecting each others' privacy. 


Q - Are you a licensed therapist?  

A - I am not a therapist. I am a life coach and mentor.


I am a coach/mentor with personal experience as a mom of a gay son. I have intensely studied the LDS-LGBTQ intersection from many angles - the history, science, mental health research, the LDS church's teachings and how they've changed over the years, and countless personal stories from LGBTQ people and their parents. I have felt prompted by God to create this class. 


I've spent many hours gathering materials about the LDS-LGBTQ intersection and helping other parents of LGBTQ kids find helpful resources. I share the importance of parents listening to their child's pain with empathy rather than trying to change, control, or dictate their child's outcome. I believe in honoring each person's agency and path, and would never tell a parent to stay in the church or to leave, but I do encourage parents to support their child in doing what is mentally most healthy for their child, which often includes helping the child find a culturally competent, licensed therapist who uses evidence-based best practices. Knowing that the majority of LGBTQ people end up leaving the church, it's helpful for parents to help remove shame from their child and build strong relationships while honoring their child's unique journey and path. 


Q - Will any of the proceeds be donated to an LGBTQ charity? 

A - Yes, I have made arrangements to donate 15% of the proceeds to Flourish Therapy, a cause near and dear to my heart.  


Q - Will the class be pre-recorded or will we be able to interact with you live?

A - The class is live and includes opportunities for small group discussion, interaction in the chatbox and Q&A, as well as a learning opportunity after each class like a podcast or article.


Q - What if I leave town - will I be able to watch the replay?

A - Class members will receive access to the recordings and must not share them with others, especially to protect privacy of any kids still in the closet. 

"I cannot say enough good things about Becky! Her Life on Purpose program was a comfort and a blessing to be in an environment that was both faith-affirming and LGBTQ-affirming. Becky is an inspired woman of God who truly puts her whole soul into building up the world one human at a time. Her influence in the program and as a faith-based mentor has helped me to find much peace and reconciliation as a gay Latter-day Saint woman after over two decades of battling to find balance between these opposing dichotomies as I learn to sit in uncertainty in faith. I am eternally grateful for that! "

Alma Martinez


I came out as a same-sex attracted woman at age 47 in the midst of a pandemic with the world shut down and very few resources available. I felt very isolated. An acquaintance of mine connected me with Becky. On multiple occasions, she met with me in person, on the phone and in group settings and supported me as I shared this new journey and all of its ups and downs. 


Drawing on her faith-based mentoring techniques, she guided me through releasing some heartbreaking rejection and connected me with the LGBTQ+ community that she had been gathering around her. Her infectious smile, amazing ability to love others and unassuming, gentle nature has been a blessing in my life and she has helped me find meaning and belonging during a time when I felt like I was floundering and alone.


"I tell everyone I know about what Becky is sharing and teaching!! Becky is my “go-to” source on how to navigate the complex and sensitive intersection of the LGBTQ community and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I trust her because she’s grounded in the gospel AND is also an advocate for all those in this community. She comes from a place of love AND faith. She never forces you to agree -- she just shares what she is learning and loves each person on their personal journey to explore and understand."

ToriAnn Perkey 

About Becky 

Hi! I'm Becky.


I'm a faith-based mentor, blogger, author, and speaker, including at BYU Women’s Conference and BYU-Idaho Education Week.


I combine mentoring tools with faith to help people improve their inspiration, mindset, emotions, habits, and relationships so they can overcome obstacles and move forward in their divine life mission.


Being a fiercely loving mom of a gay son, I also help people navigate the intersection of being an LGBTQ Latter-day Saint that often includes mental health and faith challenges.


I have created a series of Pride month posts recently that have been shared hundreds of times. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram or my blog. 


I'm the creator of Heaven Journaling and the Life on Purpose group coaching program. I am a former LDS seminary and institute teacher, professional organizer, and coach for mentoring students.


I graduated from BYU studying marriage and parenting. I've been married to my bestie Mike for 30 years. We have five children and five grandchildren.

SALE! Get $50 OFF

Only $147 through July 12. 

Spouse attends free.

"In my experience, Becky is a friend to all and honors your journey, wherever that may be. She has taught the art of Christlike love and inclusion. She has helped me to see that I don't have to give up aspects of my faith while supporting my LGBTQ loved ones. We all face unique challenges in these confusing times, but being able to ground ourselves in love and community has been so helpful to me, thanks to Becky and the community she has gathered together with the purpose of inclusion. Whether you are LGBTQ or you are someone who loves someone who is LGBTQ she offers a place of safety."

Barb Selman

"Becky has helped me understand that I am just fine where I am - that I shouldn’t pressure myself to be a better gay person or a better member of the church. She has helped me understand that the church isn’t perfect while understanding that that gospel is. She has taught me to love harder and look deeper into understanding everyone’s stories. We could all gain some love and understanding for others and ourselves through Becky’s example."

Tommi King 

"When my son first came out as transgender and decided to transition, my grief, fear, and confusion were intense. Is this real? This isn't the life I wanted! Do I have it in me to love and support him without losing my own identity and values? What will people think? What does God think? What does this mean for my son's relationship with God? Is there a place for him in our church? I felt like I was drowning and I knew I needed help! Becky helped me connect with others like me, find resources for my son, expand my faith, listen to, learn from, and love people within the LGBTQIA+ community. Thank you, Becky!"


Purpose Driven Mentoring

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